Blissfully Altered

It’s been a bit difficult overcoming the shame of letting this blog languish; particularly the trance journal. Hopefully, this post works towards correcting some of that. Despite my quietness, i’m still very much a slave owned by Domina Shelle Rivers. i wish W/we had more personal interactions as they tend to inflame my passion and […]

Touch-less Chastity Brings me Joy

i love Domina Shelle and being Her submissive slave. Submitting to Domina Shelle’s authority is pure bliss. Somehow listening to Domina Shelle’s angelic voice several times throughout the day does not feel like an act of submission. Waiting for Domina Shelle’s permission to orgasm has a similar lack of submission feel to it. Being denied […]

Emotional Yo-Yo

What a roller coaster of emotions this week! Once again failed to get the ice cubes into my tight ass. Sadness.Currently typing while my panties help hold in my second biggest plug after struggling to get it in for forty minutes. Satisfaction.Wishing Domina Shelle could just bend me over the table and fuck my ass […]