A Blissful End To LocTober (Unfinished)

Update: The conclusion to this story has now been written in a separate post. It’s the last day of LocTober inside Domina Shelle River’s throne room. Domina Shelle is wearing a sexy blue dress while relaxing in Her white throne chair. slave v is laying naked in her fluffy purple pet bed at Domina’s feet. … Read more

LocTober 2021 – Day 10 – W1D4

Arousal Meter – 6/10 Had a cloud of slight longing hanging over me today. First day where i experienced a few moments of horniness outside of trance. Seems possible that the embers are about to ignite a log soon turning this smoke into a fire. Best Thing That Happened Today’s assignment included a command to … Read more

LocTober 2021 – Day 9 – W1D3

Arousal Meter – 5/10 i experienced much active arousal while tracing to Domina Shelle’s sweet voice particularly when Her special gift was playing. Not much measurable horniess outside of trance and not much extra subconscious impulse to trance; therefore, 5 seems like a fair average. Best Thing That Happened Domina Shelle surprised me with a … Read more


After spending the week obsessively listing to Domina Shelle’s LocTober 2021 – Keyholder recording repetitively, one might think i am talking about sexual frustration; however, that seems highly unlikely. Not touching myself and therefore not cumming as Domina commanded is the sole ray of sunshine encountered this week; but, i am frustrated: By the realization … Read more

Longing to be Domina Shelle’s Sexual Battery

Something happened when i posted my review of Domina Shelle’s newest erotic hypnosis recording, XXX are Mine, on Her site. Since i can’t seem to edit it there, i’ve decided to post it here. If a wish granting being appeared and granted me one wish, i would instantly reply with: “i wish for the ability … Read more

my Song For Shelle Rivers’ Birthday

i had the honor of being apart of this year’s Songs for Shelle in celebration of Domina Shelle’s birthday. Dua Lipa’s Hallucinate already reminds me of Domina Shelle and is a personal anthem at times. Here are my edits to make it even more focused on Domina Shelle. Verse 1 Put on my earbuds and … Read more