Blind Trust in Domina Shelle

As Domina Shelle‘s slave, what do i fear? Hmmz, what a surprisingly hard question to answer.

i have wanted to not know the contents of Her femdom hypnosis & erotic hypnosis recordings since the beginning of my time with Domina Shelle. As such, i do not remember the last time i read the description for one of the files. Likewise, it bugs me that i can still remember each session after listening to it once. Similarly, i do not know what will happen during Oour special live erotic hypnosis phone sessions until Domina does it.

Am i afraid that Domina will lock me up in chastity training and never let me cum again? No. i routinely have this fantasy dream where i am an old lady on her deathbed who has not orgasmed in over 40 years. In walks the beautiful Domina Shelle. She walks over to me, bends down to give me a kiss on the cheek followed by a “Cum now My most devoted sweet v” whispered into my ear. Upon hearing Her angelic voice, my whole being explodes in ecstasy as the life leaves my body. As i sit here typing this post, i honestly cannot remember when i released last and if it were not upcoming special circumstances i would not have an interest as to whether Domina Shelle grants me permission on Monday or not.

Am i afraid to jump off a cliff simply because Domina asked me to? No, i immediately said yes when She asked me if i would before She had a chance to instruct me to not answer and just think about it.

Should i be afraid that upon reading this post Domina Shelle will take it as a challenge to make me afraid of Her power over me? Probably. Am i? Perhaps. However, it would give me clarity on whether i have in fact lost all control to my Owner or if this is still just a game of pretend.

Ah ha! i finally found a fear. The fear hat this is all just a game of pretend that i will tire of; that i will simply rebel and walk away ruining everything when a command is “too dangerous” to obey. Now that i have named it, i realize that it is the fear that occupies my mind the most. That and the similar fear of disappointing Domina Shelle to the point where She walks away.

Finally, there is the tiny fear that Domina Shelle experiences the misfortune of dying. Or, that She becomes too impaired and can no longer continue being Domina to Her stable of slaves.