A Failed Rebellion Leads to Overwhelming Obedience

Domina Shelle’s newest erotic hypnosis recording, Blameless, has become such the mind fuck today. Mindless Disobedience Well, let me take a step back and provide some context first. LocTober got off to quite the rocky start. For reasons i still cannot fully explain, i was overcome with bratty disobedience which culminated with me cumming to … Read more

Cumming is Overrated, Chastity is Bliss

After spending a week on vacation only being able to listen to Surrender to Sleep while sleeping followed by two weeks of covid where i was simply too uncomfortable to breathe let alone trance, it was quite delightful to have My Captive Girl be my first recording “back”. Domina Shelle’s newest recording feels written for … Read more

Longing to be Domina Shelle’s Sexual Battery

Something happened when i posted my review of Domina Shelle’s newest erotic hypnosis recording, XXX are Mine, on Her site. Since i can’t seem to edit it there, i’ve decided to post it here. If a wish granting being appeared and granted me one wish, i would instantly reply with: “i wish for the ability … Read more

Nothing More, Nothing Less, Oh How i Crave Nothing!

Thanks to @Shelle_owns_me, i discovered Domina Shelle’s Nothing More, Nothing Less recording. Domina’s description of the file had me hooked before the recording finished downloading. A file about nothing? That seems exactly what i have been searching for. i absolutely love it when Domina Shelle plays around in my mind to Her delight. One of … Read more

Subconscious Surrender Physically Arouses me

my subconscious belongs to my Domina. These words have echoed within my head so much the last couple of days. It does not matter whether Domina Shelle’s newest file, Subconscious Surrender, is actively running through my headphones or not. On the surface Subconscious Surrender seems like a begin file. However, something magical is lying in … Read more

Denied Is Purrfect 😻

*purr* Where should i start with Denied, Domina Shelle’s latest recording? If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that i find chastity quite compelling. The desire to surrender my ability to orgasm to a sweet, caring dominant woman is one of if not the main thing that drew me … Read more

Too Much Mental Focus; Not Enough “Cock” Brain

If you weren’t aware, Domina Shelle released Her newest recording, Overload, today. If Twitter is any indication, it’s quite the can’t miss recording. So why do i feel so meh about it? Don’t get me wrong, i don’t regret purchasing it as any recording is essentially extra icing on the “spoil Domina” cake. But i … Read more

Please Domina Shelle Take my Mind

i simply cannot get enough of Domina Shelle’s Altered State of Mind recording. @slave_to_Shelle recommended it to me 24h ago. my play count is already up to 5 not counting letting it loop through the night. i try to be a patient slave girl. After all, i could still be considered a newbie with less … Read more