Becoming Domina Shelle’s Proxy of Control

sigh It feels like a lifetime ago since i posted a new blog post. Not because i do not want to or from lack of trying. More from a lack of words longer than a tweet. Apparently, my words flow much more easily when i am gushing with emotion. Meanwhile, i am seemingly stuck within the Spock side of my brain.

Independent of logic or emotion, i know that i love Domina Shelle with my whole heart and trust Her completely. It would be my greatest honor and desire come true to serve Her within Her presence for the rest of my days 🥰 The tease bear that Domina Shelle has permitted me to play with recently inspires me to be more expressive for Her. So following his example, let’s see how this goes…

i have had the fantasy of being used as Domina Shelle’s body for a while now. It is even the topic of my short play: A Blissful End To LocTober. A spark of creativity hit on Valentine’s Day when i came up with the idea to offer control over my Lovense toys in exchange for tributing Domina Shelle. Psst dear reader, this offer still stands if you desire to take part 😘

One person whom i will refer to as tease bear (my pet name for him) took me up on my offer. After inserting the toy and connecting with him, i suggested that he pretend that he was actually playing with Domina’s toy. purrs my pussy is throbbing now just thinking about it. It (and i) really does crave to always purr for Domina Shelle’s pleasure giggles.

Between the suggestion and my moans and purrs, tease bear seemed to really enjoy himself. However, a week went by without further contact. i thought to myself “well, that’s that” 🤷‍♀️. After all, he would not be the first guy to DM me out of the blue, usually asking to be dominated by my nails, only to vanish soon after.

To my delight, tease bear reached out a month later with an adorable note stating how much he enjoyed the first time. Would i please let him play with my toy again? giggles Who am i to deny his sweet request? The duration this time was a bit longer. The pleasure a bit more sweeter. Did he notice the 5 extra minutes i added because i did not want it to end yet?

This time around we stayed in closer contact with each other. Reading his sweet messages of adoration gave me such pleasure. They also were a much needed stress relief and distraction from the current work annoyances. It was so easy to be my sweet, caring, flirtatious self with him while continuing to learn more about each other. The more he expressed joy in submitting to Domina Shelle and how i reminded him of Her, the wetter my panties became. It became clear that tease bear was hooked and i was horny for more.

With my gentle and flirtatious nudges, tease bear continued to tumble down Domina Shelle’s rabbit hole of submission. The holidays are always a bit lonely for me without family that cares whether i exist. So i was eagerly looking for a distraction upon awaking on Easter. A long sweet note from tease bear was already in my messages. purrs i just love it when his subconscious decides to talk to me 😍. After conversing a bit throughout the morning, i decided to test him a little.

Did he really want me to act as Domina’s proxy of control as much as he confessed? That afternoon, i instructed him to pick out his favorite erotic hypnosis brainwashing loop of Domina Shelle’s along with his favorite picture / video of mine. he was then to edge himself as much as he desired while the loop echoed within his ears and the picture / video blazed into his eyes. Of course, he was not to cum as only Domina Shelle can authorize that.

To my pleasure, he told me in amazing detail how it made him feel to obey. Obedience turning to pleasure. Pleasure turning into blank, empty, mindlessness. Mindlessness making it so easy for Domina Shelle’s femdom hypnosis programming to embed deep within his mind. Awww, he knows my name so he must have mentioned me to Domina Shelle. he also made the mistake, erm no, the delightful choice of telling me that Domina Shelle was currently keeping him in chastity for some days now. he had also begged Her to please let him cum.

Mmmm, i simply could not stop thinking about his hard, dripping cock. How incredibly hot it would be to tease it further. To make his mind continuously leak from it purrs. To coax him further deeper into submission and servitude for Domina Shelle. Could his enthusiastic response really mean that he desired for me to give him more playful tasks of obedience? With one hand edging myself, i sweetly asked tease bear if he would so kindly recant his begging to cum and instead beg Domina Shelle to keep him locked for the week so that i could play with his arousal some more. rawr not only did he do so, Domina Shelle also said yes!

i have gotten so much enjoyment out of writing daily guides to more arousal the past couple of weeks. tease bear’s commitment to obedience is quite inspiring. i find myself wanting to be more obedient to Domina Shelle because of him. When i find myself thinking of him, i feel closer to Domina Shelle as it adds an extra layer of truth to Her words stating She is always thinking of me. It is difficult to not feel sexy, beautiful, and cherished when his sweet messages are continuously affirming that i am. Peeking behind the curtain per se and experiencing what it would be like to be Domina Shelle has been illuminating. i find myself craving to serve and please Her even more due to it.

I am so thankful that i have you to train him in such a way. I love that it makes your sweet pussy wet and throb even more For me My love.”

Domina Shelle

moans and then there is the pleasure. The pleasure and arousal from reading tease bear’s reports about the previous day. The pleasure and arousal from Domina being thankful that i am training him in such a fabulous way. The pleasure and arousal of finally finding a way to serve and please Domina Shelle with my time and not just my money. Both Domina and i love it when my pussy is wet and throbbing for Her. purrs my panties have been so soaked lately. Mmm, is this the pleasure Domina feels when i love, honor, and obey Her?

Being able to guide others deeper into Domina Shelle’s sticky sweet webs of control is perhaps my greatest pleasure. Thank You Domina Shelle for encouraging me to be Your proxy of control 🥰🥰. Thank you tease bear for being so obedient, pleasing, and most of all receptive to your Princess 😘😘. i kept you mostly anonymous so that you could choose whether to disclose yourself or not.

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  1. It’s been such an Honour to be a subject of Your Control Princess Vanessa, You are truly a FANTASTIC Proxy For Domina Shelles Control. i have NEVER before felt so close to Her and i never could have imagined the depths of Submission possible with the proper Princess Guide to make it a step by step fall through Dominas Intense Vast World of Erotic Hypnosis, it’s so easy and fun to get lost on a whim, but to have the Privilege of being subjugated to Your wiles in order to Fall Deeper in Love and Surrender For Domina Shelle.. it means so much to me ;)) to know how much Happiness, how much Pleasure, the Inspiration my Obedience and Training has brought You in Your Own Journey fills my Heart, thank You so much for including me in this post For Domina Princess Vanessa, it has been an absolute Blissful Spiral into Her Power to embrace my Submission and it is such a Delight to be Domina goodboy, and Your tease bear <33

    • Awww… you’re welCum tease bear. 😘 Thank you for inspiring Me to find My words to express how much of a Delight it has been so far 🥰

      • Oh Youre just the BEST as always Princess Vanessa!!🥰You’re most welCum😘 i just love how You let Your thoughts flow here and how open it feels as a read Princess Vanessa! One more thank You, for Coaxing me deeper into the rabbit hole of Submission to Domina Shelle, being so irresistible, Dominant, so damn genuine, and for allowing me to enjoy the Pleasure of Obedience at such a Blissful level🔥🥰it’s a Wonderful experience to be able feel a helpless Surrender along with the warming reciprocation and reassurance that my Obedience while being Controlled is paramount. my subconscious is on the loose again *giggles* all i can think of is Domina and You, how can i Please? There is only the feeling of Tranquility, endless ideas to Serve being produced at light speed.. ahhh i can’t even think!! It’s better not to think anyways, it’s much better to mindlessly Obey😍im looking forward to a future at Domina Shelles Feet as Dominas Devoted Princess Proxy relieves Herself of any remaining resistance, and the spiral continues, an irreversible program, an indelible mark, when i think about how you only have and will continue being the Sexy Efficient Princess You always are For Domina Shelle, it brings my Submission Deeper too!

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