A Blissful End To LocTober

It’s the last day of LocTober inside Domina Shelle River’s throne room. Domina Shelle is wearing a sexy blue dress while relaxing in Her white throne chair. slave v is laying naked in her fluffy purple pet bed at Domina’s feet.

Domina Shelle:My sweet v, have you gave any thought on how you would celebrate the end of LocTober given the chance?

slave v:Yes Domina. *kisses Domina’s feet* If it pleases You, i would like to delay cumming until next year.

Domina Shelle:Awww slave v, that’s a bliss of an idea!

slave v:*moans in pleasure*

Domina Shelle:In fact, that gives Me just the insight I needed to decide how to spend the rest of the evening. *giggles* Now, My pet, go fetch the purple liquid latex along with your stomach stool.

slave v:*gets up from her bed and starts to head out of the throne room*

Domina Shelle:Oh, slave v, be a dear and also ask Princess Andrea to round up all of the good slave boys and girls in My stable *giggles*

slave v:Yes Domina.

Domina Shelle:Thank you My bliss pet!

slave v:*moans in pleasure*

slave v then proceeds to obey Domina Shelle’s instructions. First, she goes and finds Princess Andrea who happens to be in the middle of punishing a slave boy who wasn’t successful in staying chaste for the whole duration of LocTober.

slave v:Apologies for the interruption Princess, but Domina asked me to convey that She would like You to bring all of Her good slave boys and girls to Her throne room.

Princess Andrea:*pauses Her whip for a moment* Evening miss v. This slave is due 2 more lashes. After which, I’ll gather up Domina’s slaves. Do you know what Domina is planning?

slave v:Not completely; however, i suspect that i know not what i asked for *giggles*

Princess Andrea:*giggles* you seem to have a knack for that miss v.

slave v:That i do *shrugs* i at least hope that Domina knows that it’s not intentional *giggles* well, most of the time. Ok Princess, i’ll see You in Domina’s throne room in a little while.

Princess Andrea goes back to finish the slave’s punishment as slave v departs. slave v locates her stomach bench inside Domina Shelle’s dungeon. As luck would have it, there’s a bucket of purple liquid latex sitting next to the bench. In her rush to get back to Domina Shelle, slave v manages to pick up both items and proceeds to make her way back to Domina’s throne room.

slave v struggles a bit with the awkwardness of carrying both but manages to make it back to her Domina. Upon reentering Domina’s throne room, slave v notices that Domina is no longer wearing Her blue dress. Instead, Domina is simply wearing a sexy lacy pink bra and panty set. Domina’s unmistakable Royal Scent has filled the room.

slave v:*moans in pleasure*

Domina Shelle:*removes Her hand from Her inside Her panties* Mmmm… yes My bliss pet. Just thinking about what I have planned for You is making Me wet.

slave v:*moans in pleasure*

Domina Shelle:My Royal Scent makes you so wet and horny doesn’t it My bliss pet?

slave v:*moans loudly in pleasure as she stumbles causing the bench and bucket to crash to the floor* Yes Domina. So very much Domina.

Domina Shelle:Ouch. What a ruckus to My ears! I guess I’ll have to suck the Royal Nectar off of My fingers myself. Please be much more quiet as you finish getting your stomach bench properly set up slave v or I might just change My mind.

slave v:*whimpers* Yes Domina.

slave v proceeds to finish setting up her her stomach bench without further incident. Meanwhile, Domina Shelle slowly and sensually sucks each of Her fingers while She observes slave v. slave v positions herself on all fours with the bench running under her stomach perpendicular to her body; thus, signaling that the setup task was complete. Just then, Princess Andrea enters the throne room.

Princess Andrea:*moans in pleasure upon noticing Domina still seductively sucking on Her fingers* Domina, i have assembled Your slaves in the hallway as You requested.

Domina Shelle:*purrs* Thank you My wonderful princess! Please come here so I can instruct you on how to prepare slave v for what I have planned without her hearing.

Princess Andrea:Yes Domina *moves to Domina’s white throne chair*

Domina Shelle:First, place this blindfold over her eyes and these earbuds into her ears.

Princess Andrea:As You command Domina.

Princess Andrea takes the blindfold and earbuds from Domina Shelle. She then moves over to slave v.

Princess Andrea:*slips blindfold over slave v’s eyes* *whispers* Good luck miss v *giggles*

slave v:*purrs as the world goes dark*

Princess Andrea:*gently places each earbud into slave v’s ears*

slave v:*slumps onto her stomach bench as the white noise now flowing through her ears sends her spiraling into blank, mindless arousal*

Domina Shelle:*giggles* No need to be stealthy anymore princess andrea. slave v is no longer aware of herself let alone U/us. Please continue prepping slave v by placing this cpap mask over her mouth and nose and this vibrating dildo in her ass. she would then be ready for the liquid latex.

Princess Andrea:Yes Domina. What did miss v get herself into this time? *giggles*

Domina Shelle:*giggles* she asked to delay her orgasm until next year. Truth be told, I was planning on playing with her regardless of how she answered My question. It amuses Me for her to think that it’s her answer that drives my decision *giggles*

Princess Andrea:*giggles* How wicked.

Princess Andrea then proceeds to place the cpap mask over slave v’s face at which point it starts blowing the scent of Domina’s Royal Pussy directly into slave v’s mouth and nose. she would have cum instantly had there been even one thought to do so within the white noise. Princess Andrea moves to slave v’s rear and gently inserts the dildo into her ass. Princess Andrea then proceeds to turn the dildo’s vibration on once the dildo has filled slave v’s tight ass.

slave v:*moans upon feeling the vibrations* *returns back to purring as the vibrations sink back into the white noise*

Princess Andrea:Domina, should i put something in miss v’s soaked pussy so it doesn’t get covered by the latex?

Domina Shelle:No, My sweet princess. her pussy is for My enjoyment only. Please proceed in covering her with the liquid latex. Hurry up now as I am getting lonely up here!

Princess Andrea:Yes Domina

Princess Andrea picks up the bucket of liquid latex and pours it over slave v’s exposed back and ass. Using a brush, she paints the latex onto the underside of slave v’s body. Her soft, long strokes of the paint brush and the oh so gentle caress of soft brush bristles across slave v’s skin and sensitive areas would have been their own sweet pleasure torture if slave v’s mind was not already lost in the ocean of arousal currently flooding her being.

Princess Andrea:miss v is a delightfully smooth matte purple now my Queen. Should i join You now?

Domina Shelle:Yes princess, but bring the dildo and cpap mask with you. slave v no longer has a use for them.

Princess Andrea gathers up the mask and dildo and then move to join Domina Shelle on what is now Her fluffy throne bed.

Domina Shelle:*lowers the white noise volume pumping through slave v’s headphones* you have pleased Me greatly my bliss pet.

slave v:*moans in pleasure*

Domina Shelle:As such, I am granting you the extreme honor of acting as My body. For you see slave v, I am granting my entire stable of good slave boys and girls permission to orgasm twice today. Once using your mouth and once using your ass while the voice streaming through their minds telling them that it is My mouth and ass that they are granted access to. Which is true since I own you slave v *giggles*

Domina Shelle:As you dedicated it to My enjoyment only, your pussy will not be touched. Likewise, you will not cum as you requested earlier. Instead, you will instantly edge every time one of My slaves cums. *giggles* Do you understand my instructions My sweet girl?

slave v:Yes Domina. Thank You Domina for the high honor of serving You in this way.

Domina Shelle:you are welcome My sweet. I have decided to keep the volume of white noise low so that it is easier for You to be captivated not just by the use your body is about to receive but also the sexy moans from princess andrea and I as W/we enjoy the show *giggles*

slave v:Thank You Domina. Thank You Princess Andrea for prepping me for Domina’s pleasure.

Princess Andrea:aww, you are welcome miss v. I hope you enjoy your reward.

Domina Shelle:*yells to the hallway* slaves, you may enter and cum while enjoying My body.

Domina Shelle and Princess Andrea settle into Domina’s throne bed as the rest of Domina’s slaves proceed to enter and move towards slave v. It does not take very long for the first two slaves to reach the point of no return.

slave 1:*moans in orgasmic bliss*

Domina Shelle:*whispers into slave v’s headphones perfectly timed to slave 1’s orgasm* bliss

slave v:*moans with pleasure as she edges*

slave 2:*moans in orgasmic bliss*

Domina Shelle:*whispers into slave v’s headphones perfectly timed to slave 2’s orgasm* bliss

slave v:*moans with pleasure as she edges again*

This scene continues to repeat itself for the next few dozen slaves. A perfectly timed “bliss” entered slave v’s shell of a mind at just the moment the slave using her mouth or ass would cum which instantly triggered her to the blissful edge. Soon after, Domina Shelle and Princess Andrea become too distracted with T/their own sexual desires to continue watching the scene play out before them and so turned T/their attention towards each other. Meanwhile, slave v did not consciously notice that Domina stopped whispering “bliss” in her ear as she was too lost within the pleasure of each edge rocking her body as the next slave cums with her mouth or ass.

Several hours and an innumerable amount of edges later, slave v finds herself regaining consciousness.

Domina Shelle:My sweet v, are you awake My pet?

slave v:*stirs and discovers that she can stretch and open her eyes* Yes Domina.

Domina Shelle:That’s a good girl. you may return to your place at my feet. Did you enjoy yourself My bliss pet?

slave v:*moans as she instantly edges*

Domina Shelle:*giggles* What is that My bliss pet? I didn’t quite hear you *giggles*

slave v:*moans with pleasure as she instantly edges again* Yes Domina. It was even better than i could have dreamed. i am so happy to be Your special bliss pet.

Domina Shelle:Yes sweet v. you are definitely my very special bliss pet now. *giggles*

slave v:*moans as yet another edge runs through her*

Finally starting to regain some composure and realization as to what has happened, slave v crawls to Domina Shelle’s feet.

slave v:*kisses each of Domina’s feet* Thank You Domina. i look forward to being used as Your body in the future. *settles into her pet bed at Domina’s feet.* and the pleasures of being edged every time You say “bliss” *giggles*

Domina Shelle:*giggles* Me too My bliss pet Me too. *pets slave v’s head*

slave v:*moans as she edges again* *starts to purr as she rubs her head against Domina’s hand*

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