A Failed Rebellion Leads to Overwhelming Obedience

Domina Shelle’s newest erotic hypnosis recording, Blameless, has become such the mind fuck today. Mindless Disobedience Well, let me take a step back and provide some context first. LocTober got off to quite the rocky start. For reasons i still cannot fully explain, i was overcome with bratty disobedience which culminated with me cumming to … Read more

Blind Trust in Domina Shelle

As Domina Shelle‘s slave, what do i fear? Hmmz, what a surprisingly hard question to answer. i have wanted to not know the contents of Her femdom hypnosis & erotic hypnosis recordings since the beginning of my time with Domina Shelle. As such, i do not remember the last time i read the description for … Read more

Cumming is Overrated, Chastity is Bliss

After spending a week on vacation only being able to listen to Surrender to Sleep while sleeping followed by two weeks of covid where i was simply too uncomfortable to breathe let alone trance, it was quite delightful to have My Captive Girl be my first recording “back”. Domina Shelle’s newest recording feels written for … Read more

Happy Valentine’s Day

Yes, i am still here. Still lovingly owned by Domina Shelle. These past few months have been quite terrible. The holidays are always a rough time for me as my parents have basically disowned me. The typical holiday roughness was compounded by my younger brother unexpectedly dying in his sleep. He was the only one … Read more

LocTober 2021 – Day 33 – W4D6

Arousal Meter – 5/10 Woke up quite aroused after having an extreme reaction to listening to Week 4 recording before bed last night and then continued looping it through the night. Easily a 10 during the first listen last night and a 7 upon waking up. Arousal level began to lower once work started and … Read more