A Failed Rebellion Leads to Overwhelming Obedience

Domina Shelle’s newest erotic hypnosis recording, Blameless, has become such the mind fuck today. Mindless Disobedience Well, let me take a step back and provide some context first. LocTober got off to quite the rocky start. For reasons i still cannot fully explain, i was overcome with bratty disobedience which culminated with me cumming to … Read more

LocTober 2021 – Day 25 – W3D5

It is day 25 of Loctober and i finally feel horny enough to start learning the lessons that Domina Shelle has been attempting to teach since the start of the month. After listening to the tease that Domina posted on twitter yesterday, i simply couldn’t stop thinking about disobediently cumming without permission. Luckily, i somehow … Read more

LocTober 2021 – Day 10 – W1D4

Arousal Meter – 6/10 Had a cloud of slight longing hanging over me today. First day where i experienced a few moments of horniness outside of trance. Seems possible that the embers are about to ignite a log soon turning this smoke into a fire. Best Thing That Happened Today’s assignment included a command to … Read more

LocTober 2021 – Day 9 – W1D3

Arousal Meter – 5/10 i experienced much active arousal while tracing to Domina Shelle’s sweet voice particularly when Her special gift was playing. Not much measurable horniess outside of trance and not much extra subconscious impulse to trance; therefore, 5 seems like a fair average. Best Thing That Happened Domina Shelle surprised me with a … Read more