LocTober 2021 – Day 25 – W3D5

It is day 25 of Loctober and i finally feel horny enough to start learning the lessons that Domina Shelle has been attempting to teach since the start of the month. After listening to the tease that Domina posted on twitter yesterday, i simply couldn’t stop thinking about disobediently cumming without permission. Luckily, i somehow managed to keep myself from doing so and texted Domina asking Her to tell me to not touch for the rest of the day. Thankfully She responded and the urge immediately vanished.

Thinking back on yesterday, it was the first time during LocTober that i had even thought about cumming. i think that’s what overwhelmed me. Similarly, today is a regularly scheduled no touch day and all i can think about is how nice it would be to touch which is also something that hasn’t been on my mind at all this month until today. Quite honestly, the last two days are what i thought the first week was going to go. Not the third week. As such, it’s more proof that chastity is so good for me.

*sigh* the pleasure slut inside of me is distracting me with thoughts of how amazing it would be to be so desperate to cum yet so securely held in Domina Shelle’s mental chastity that i simply couldn’t break it even if i spent hours vigorously rubbing myself. One of my first recording purchases was The Lock but sadly, i couldn’t seem to get it to work. It makes me so happy that the LocTober files are really starting to sink in. i simply cannot wait until the end of LocTober so that i can gleefully spend the following four weeks focused on each LocTober file again. Or, perhaps just the Keyholder file *giggles*

Thank You Domina Shelle for continuing to help me fall deeper into Your web of control. i love being owned by You 😘🥰

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