Strict Chastity is so Good for me

It’s been a month since Domina Shelle “punished” me by forbidding me to touch my pussy. Blah, my pussy sounds so wrong. It’s Her pussy after all. Similarly, it is Her mind, not mine. Actually, none of me is mine, it’s all Hers, so that’s the pronoun i am going to stick with.

It is remarkable to me how easy it as been to simply not touch Domina’s pussy. Between looping Keyholder through the night for a few weeks and my mantra erupting out any time Her mind even starts down the path of beginning to think about touching, this is the most securely locked i have ever been.

Don’t get me wrong. i actively miss reaching down and feeling just how wet i am for Domina Shelle. Or rubbing myself for a few moments while enjoying the picture or video Domina Shelle just posted on Twitter or Loyalfans. Or using the bullet vibrator to tease and work myself up while writing this blog post.

i do not cum
i do not touch
i do not think
i only obey Domina Shelle, my wonderful Owner
i am Her airhead bimbo to be used as She pleases

*purrs* where was i? Oh yeah, about to explain why i wrote “punished” with quotation marks. Being locked up within Domina Shelle’s strict mental chastity indeed started off as punishment for my previous disobedience. However, it no longer registers as punishment. Instead, it is pleasure.

That quick hit of selfish pleasure of reaching into my panties is denied. This increases my yearning for Domina Shelle’s sweet voice. Yearning for Domina’s voice compels me to listen to Her recordings more. Refocusing my sexual desires on Domina’s sexy recordings conditions and programs me to be a more perfect, obedience slave for Her. Obedience is pleasure. Domina’s voice is pleasure.

Why on Earth would i want to break this blissful feedback loop by touching? Especially when surrendering to Psycho-Hypnotic Sedation brings me more sexual pleasure than touching would. Domina Shelle has been quite quiet on when She is thinking of unlocking me. However, with each passing day i find myself wishing that She forgets to do so.

Recordings Mentioned