LocTober 2021 – Day 11 – W1D5

Arousal Meter – 8/10 Super aroused while listening to Domina’s special gift and consciously aware of being horny most of the day. Best Thing That Happened Domina Shelle calling me sexy and expressing Her love for my nails, panties, and obedience shown in the small video i asked to send Her. She also allowed me … Read more

Such an Addictive High

I awoke from my latest listen to The Submissive Kiss into what surely is the highest arousal peak I have ever experienced. So overwhelmed with the bliss of being on the edge of eruption. Mindlessly rubbing myself while yelling out Domina Shelle’s name in my mind. Almost as if I was begging Her to keep … Read more

To Ask or Not To Ask

Today marks a week since my first surrender into The Submissive Kiss. This means that I now need to decide whether I am going to ask Domina Shelle for permission to orgasm. I cannot remember the last time I consciously desired release. Pleasing and serving Domina is just so much more orgasmic. I have also … Read more

Needing Another Hit

Jonesing for more of Domina’s honey-dipped voice after a full day of back to back work meetings, I finally was able to take another hit and deeply relax into The Submissive Kiss. It feels so go to fall deeply down into Domina’s control so that She can manipulate my mind and my sex into a … Read more