Such an Addictive High

I awoke from my latest listen to The Submissive Kiss into what surely is the highest arousal peak I have ever experienced. So overwhelmed with the bliss of being on the edge of eruption. Mindlessly rubbing myself while yelling out Domina Shelle’s name in my mind. Almost as if I was begging Her to keep me on the edge for as long as possible. Completely consumed with a desperate desire to serve Her.

I find myself so addicted to the high granted by being so overwhelmed with physical need to please my Domina. It is more crave inducing than release; more crave inducing than passive arousal. One of my most consuming fantasies is for Domina Shelle to program my mind and train my body to instantly reach and stay indefinitely on the edge of eruption with a simple trigger. Held in this state of ravenous sexual need to immediately obey all of Domina Shelle’s commands. Unable to fall over or step back from the cliff until it pleases Her to trigger it off.

Please Domina Shelle! Claim me as Your always aroused servant!

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