Initial Stockholm Syndrome Reaction

Just awoke from my first Stockholm Syndrome trance quite content in my deep arousal for Domina Shelle. It is delightfully exquisite to be able to relax and soak up the pleasure of Domina’s voice actively teasing me deeper into Her control. The more aroused Domina keeps me, the easier it is to be Her thoughtless pleasure toy. As Domina Shelle steals more of my mind, the deeper I crave for Her to hold me in permanent chastity. Staying on the edge of eruption is just too addictively alluring compared to the buzzkill of orgasm.

It has taken a few months of conditioning; however, I am finally starting to notice how much deeper into trance I fall. Domina Shelle’s last two recordings (Steal your Mind and Stockholm Syndrome) have also been completely gender and genitalia neutral. While I still often listen to Her more male focused recordings, there is an indescribable sense of additional subconscious relaxation I wake up with from these two recordings. I did not know I was even longing for this mental break. I encourage all of you who are more fem leaning to not miss these recordings!

Recordings Mentioned