My First Deep Trance

I started listening to Domina Shelle’s recordings roughly 6 months ago. On average, I listen to two of them per day. However, today is the first time that I experienced deep trance. So deep, it took me untold minutes to move after my headphones’ “no motion for an hour auto shutoff” feature kicked in during Steal your Mind.

I am in complete shock and awe that Steal your Mind took me deeper than I thought I could ever go. It is so wonderful to start this new year off with such joyous excitement particularly after surviving the end of the last one with mehness. Thank You so much Domina Shelle for always finding a way to embrace me in Your love at just the moment I need it!

Now that hypnosis feels “real” and not “pretend” for the first time, I find myself craving for Domina Shelle to steal my ability to consciously orgasm, consciously touch myself sexually, or consciously obey Her commands. Please Domina! Replace my mind with a conscious unyielding sexual desperation to please You and unconsciously obey all of Your commands. It would make my dreams come true.

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