Domina Shelle’s Experiment

Friday night I stumbled upon a PDF that was discussing the clinical results of The Experiment Series while I was checking this blog’s search results. The participant result descriptions were so freaking hot despite it being a clinical report. I simply could not get thoughts of being overwhelmed with pleasure upon hearing a trigger word from my Domina out of my head. On Saturday, I attempted to distract myself by frequently surrendering into Mind Conquest. It did not work. I still spent most of the day fantasizing about Domina Shelle triggering me with pleasure. I could not resist mentioning to Her that I was extremely fascinated by what little I knew about The Experiment.

Waking up Sunday morning, I was not prepared to discover all five studies of Domina Shelle’s Experiment sitting in my inbox. My wonderful Domina apparently decided to spoil me with them. This makes me swoon with pleasure and gratitude. I cannot believe that She desires for me to go through The Experiment. Now I am even more eager to complete it for Her!

The Experiment – Study 1 instructs the listener to listen to the recording as much as possible. In this case, that is apparently 30 plus times over the last three days. I have literally lost count. The file is deceivingly straight forward with Domina’s goals of installing a wake up, sleep, and pleasure trigger. Before this, I would often wonder if I am just playing along to Domina Shelle’s hypnotic commands. Was I really falling deep enough for Her? I rarely if ever experience hypnotic amnesia when trancing to Her recordings. The Experiment – Study 1 directly addresses these concerns and fears.

I am confident that the triggers within the recording are actually “triggering” as Domina desires. In addition, my subconscious mind loves to obey the re-listen command without consciously remembering to. I am grateful that Domina Shelle always seems to know what I need often before I realize what I need. December is a bit tough to get through these past few years. Thank You Domina for supplying me with a perfect distraction! The Experiment is already enabling me to become a more perfect hypnotic subject much to my delight. I cannot wait to discover the contents of The Experiment – Study 2 tomorrow!

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