Why Chastity? Why Chastity For Domina Shelle?

Domina Shelle asked me today why I find chastity so alluring. I decided to use the topic inspiration as a blog post since I have been experiencing a bit of writer’s block.

I have been enthralled by the idea of chastity since before I knew Domina Shelle. This is partly due to always enjoying the pleasure of the edge more than the release. Admittedly, I do not know how much of this is related to dysphoria and hating the mess that release causes especially since the thought of a cock cumming deep into my throat is so hot. I also find myself curious about what it would feel like to go long periods of time without release. It seems so enticingly dreamy. Finally, the idea of surrendering control of such a primal urge to another human being seems so natural, so arousing. In an ideal world, my body would never have the ability to betray me again.

This is where Domina Shelle comes in. She is such a wonderful, caring woman who genuinely wants what is best for me. It is so easy to love Her; to crave to surrender to Her control. Domina Shelle wants to control my orgasms, so I eagerly want to give Her control. Each release brings a downward spiral of disappointment and sadness while drifting away from my Domina. Conversely, each moment of arousal draws me closer to the divine pleasure of pleasing my Domina.

I crave to be held in such a complete state of mental chastity that even an act of disobedience will not provide the ability to orgasm. No longer fretting about accidents or more rebellious incidents. Instead completely focused on Domina Shelle’s wants and desires. To be held so tightly in Domina Shelle’s embrace that not even disobedience could knock me from Her grasp would be the ultimate freedom!

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