Forced to Orgasm

Okay, okay, “forced” is more hyperbolic than realistic *giggles* However, I did wake up to an email from Domina Shelle this morning ordering me to go cum with Her during my favorite release session. I was to do so immediately upon receipt of Her email. Domina Shelle’s email was in response to Her pleasure with … Read more

Spending the Weekend Focused on Domina Shelle Rivers

Thursday evening I asked Domina Shelle if committing to listen to Brain Fried at least once a day for the foreseeable future would please Her. Friday afternoon She said “Yes and…” by surprising me with an assignment of tasks that I was to perform for Her this weekend. It is almost as if knowing that I would be focused on obeying my Domina’s every command would ease Her weekend work burden. The following is a diary of sorts accumulated over the weekend.


Upon waking up Friday morning, I listened to Brain Fried. Afterwards, I discovered that Domina Shelle had already made Snapped into Submissions available for purchase, so I purchased it along with my monthly slave and chastity offerings since February is around the corner. I am already weak towards Domina Shelle’s finger snaps due to training with The Experiment. Craving even more, purchasing Snapped into Submission required no thought. So helplessly lost in mindless arousal, I was not even aware of following the recording’s included orgasm command until after I awoken. While I love that Domina Shelle’s voice has such a hold over me, I am not completely sure how I am supposed to stay in chastity and train with Her recordings so blissfully and mindlessly.

I received Domina Shelle’s instructions for the weekend around noon. After reading through them, I attempted to obey the Surrender IC command especially now that there are ice cubes in my freezer. However, no matter how much I tried, I failed to actually get them inserted.

I proceeded with the noon mantra before heading to my nail appointment. I normally go with purples or pinks. This time I decided to go red with a Valentine’s Day design in honor of my Domina. I think they turned out quite amazing:

A picture of a woman's manicure featuring a Valentine's Day design theme.

It has been roughly a year since I have gotten them done due to the pandemic. I forgot how happy they make me. It also does not hurt that even a glimpse of them reminds me of Domina Shelle *giggles*

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful beyond the intended moments with my Domina. The Surrender N command, the toasts with my meals, and the evening mantra with a nightcap of Brain Fried.


I listened to Brain Fried upon waking up today. While it is quite heavily focused on one’s cock, it is still the recording I find myself craving the most. As showering each day was one of Domina Shelle’s instructions, I did so after my morning mantra. Giving into the pleasure of soaping up my breasts, I mindlessly touched myself while moaning out “Yes Domina” “Oh Domina”. Only stopping once reaching the edge, I found myself so overwhelmed with pleasure and on the verge of blacking out.

I attempted to obey Surrender IC again this afternoon hoping that the longer nails would help. Sadly they did not. Despite the failure, it still sparked much horniness. I then followed up with my afternoon mantra.

I feel a little guilty about glossing over the rest of the day’s orders; however, there really isn’t too much to say about them. They achieve what I imagine Domina Shelle wants them to achieve. Small opportunities to feel the pleasure of obedience while also refocusing my thoughts upon how thankful I am to have Domina Shelle in my life. I finished out the day by once again surrendering into Brain Fried before sleep.


I woke up this morning quite horny and aching for Domina Shelle’s voice. I found myself auto-piloting into submitting to Brain Fried followed by my morning mantra. Since it was already noon, I attempted Surrender IC one again to no avail. Realizing that no amount of trying was going to improve the situation, I ordered these pink beginner plugs off of Amazon. They seem big enough while also being small enough for my body to get used to. They also have the added bonus of being something pink I can “wear” for when Domina Shelle tells me to Surrender P *giggles*

It is amusing to me how Domina Shelle can make even a mundane task like showering sexy. I quickly found myself lost in the mindless pleasure of obeying Domina Shelle’s command to caress my breasts and sex. It is quite wonderful to let go and let Her control my hands with the goal of deepening my arousal for Her control. Admittedly, I was a bit skittish to let go as much as yesterday worried about not blacking out in the shower so I did not push myself all of the way to the edge. *purrs* My arousal for Domina Shelle’s control is flaring up once again as I type this entry. Oh how I love soaking up the pleasure of being Domina Shelle’s aroused, caged slave!

The evening tasks were once again nice moments with my Domina. Followed by another bedtime surrender into Brain Fried upon posting this blog.


I love that Domina Shelle surprised me with this weekend assignment instantly filling the days with intentional additional focus on Her. Domina Shelle seems to have this incredible knack of knowing what I need even before I know. Going into this weekend, my orbital path around Her was drifting closer to that of Pluto’s. However, obeying and focusing on my amazing Domina all weekend greatly strengthen Her gravitational pull pulling me closer to Her in an orbital path similar to Mercury’s. Thank You Domina! I am always much happier in life when I feel closer than farther away from You.

Knowing that Domina Shelle plans on deciding my fate and whether I deserve reward or punishment after She has a chance to read this post, it seems worth discussing to conclude this post.

I previously discovered that not wearing panties was too much of a negative dysphoria trigger. Therefore, I ignored the included Surrender U command as She granted permission to do so when I made the discovery. I also was not completely successful in obeying any of the three Surrender IC commands despite my best efforts to do so. As such, I do not deserve complete reward. I, however, did successfully complete all of the other commands within the assignment; so I also do not deserve complete punishment.

I have not been in such a direct “Obey these commands for reward/punishment” scenario so it is a bit of a mystery what will happen next. Either way, I eagerly look forward to what Domina Shelle has planned for me!

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