Rubbing Slowly Brings me More Joy

As i alluded in a previous post, i started Domina Shelle’s Chastity Training series two weeks ago with Her permission. Curiosity over what it would feel like to be completely out of control over my arousal has long been a fantasy of mine. While i cannot remember the source, i do remember it was a long time ago even before i attempted to fall for Domina Shelle the first time.

Physical cages were simply too uncomfortable, too unclean, etc. to stay on long. This was one of the major draws of erotic hypnosis for me. The idea of not cumming not because i didn’t have access to, but because my mind simply didn’t want to is quite hot. It is also likely the subconscious reason i found myself rediscovering Domina Shelle. It is so thrilling to be falling so hard for Her this time around.

As i have written before, touch-less chastity brought me joy. Therefore, Brain Fried quickly become one of my favorites from the beginning. However, this started changing the more i fell down Domina Shelle’s rabbit hole of control. It was becoming easier to surrender my ability to touch. Yet, it started to feel like i was doing it for me rather than for Her. Afraid that if i gave into the urge to touch, i wouldn’t be able to stop myself from cumming. Curiosity about having a mind climax may have reminded me of the series. However, i asked to fall into Domina Shelle’s Chastity Training series to learn how She wanted me to be chaste.

There are five lessons within the series. As such, the original plan was to listen to each lesson for a week before moving to the next resulting in five weeks of training. Essentially, timed to fit within the five weeks before my planned vacation. Similar to the quote i can’t quite recall, these plans immediately fell apart. Whether by Domina’s design or my simple disobedience, i spend the first week practically edging myself non stop. Somehow i managed to not cum; yet, i couldn’t get myself to rub to the beat within the first training lesson.

Not wanting to move on until i actually learned the lesson, i also spent the last week repeatedly listening to Chastity Training Lesson 1. Something finally snapped in my head last Saturday. Instead of rubbing my clit with wanton abandon towards the edge, i surrendered into the bliss of rubbing slowly for Domina Shelle.

Oh so much more bliss than simply not touching. Paraphrasing a line from the recording: Imagine being on the edge and having it last and last and last. Yes please Domina! i have longed for that since after my very first orgasm. Thank You Domina for making it one step closer to reality! It would be a dream come true to be held always on the edge of bliss for You ❤

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