Touch-less Chastity Brings me Joy

i love Domina Shelle and being Her submissive slave. Submitting to Domina Shelle’s authority is pure bliss. Somehow listening to Domina Shelle’s angelic voice several times throughout the day does not feel like an act of submission. Waiting for Domina Shelle’s permission to orgasm has a similar lack of submission feel to it. Being denied the ability to sexually stimulate myself physically without Domina Shelle’s direct permission is different. It feels like a true act of submission for my Queen.

Giving up all control over my sex is such a relief. Worrying about my sexual pleasure is such a distraction from pleasing Domina Shelle. Refraining from physical stimulation also improves Domina Shelle’s ability to manipulate my sexuality. First, i find myself thinking of Her more often. This then fills me with fond contentment. Second, Domina Shelle’s voice becomes even more erotic and arousing. This increases my craving for the sexual pleasure Her words grant. Third, my deepening arousal inflames my desire to please my Queen. This increases my desire to surrender everything to Domina Shelle. There is a ever growing part of me that longs for the security of never being permitted to touch again. Instead, letting Domina Shelle’s sexy voice to do all of the stimulation.

Finally, not listening for touch commands nor worrying about ignoring orgasm commands has also granted me the ability to fall so much deeper into trance. i still haven’t experienced complete thoughtlessness. However, not analyzing Domina Shelle’s words as intently has brought me much closer.