Emotional Yo-Yo

What a roller coaster of emotions this week!

Once again failed to get the ice cubes into my tight ass. Sadness.
Currently typing while my panties help hold in my second biggest plug after struggling to get it in for forty minutes. Satisfaction.
Wishing Domina Shelle could just bend me over the table and fuck my ass silly with Her strap-on solving my tightness issues. Arousal.

Work was horrendous this week. Annoyed Frustration.
Spending the week so focused on Domina Shelle that i have never felt closer to Her. Love, Pleasure, and Arousal.

Reading others reactions towards their receipt of Domina Shelle’s panties. Joy and a bit FOMO.
Thinking about just how intoxicating my Queen’s essence must be. Curiosity.
Waiting until my servitude is the direct source of panty soaking Goddess essence. Longing.

Nipples continuously sore from clamping them (and perhaps growth). Pain.
Obeying Domina’s command to clamp them daily for ten minutes along with several Surrender N commands. Pleasure.

Thank You Domina Shelle for granting me the pleasure of being Your denied tease toy this month. Thank You Domina for continuing to teach me that the source of my greatest pleasure is not cumming, not touching, nor not painless. Instead it is serving and pleasing You. i dream of a day where i am nothing beyond Your property held indefinitely completely consumed by maddening arousal to serve You where the only reprieve is the few moments it takes my? brain to process Your next command.

Please Domina, continue to show me the ways that please You the most!