Submission is Pleasure

i was not planning on writing a whole blog post. However, the after glow of listening to Beta Drone – Chaste for the fifth time had other plans. Words quickly needed to break free from Twitter’s character count limit, so enjoy:

i absolutely love to be actively lost in pleasure with nothing in my head except Domina Shelle’s angelic voice. It is simply pure bliss unlike any other. If there was a way for Her to keep me in this blissful state forever, i would agree to it on the spot.

It is such a deep act of submission to obey and put my heads back down at my side. Not because i desired orgasm. Instead, because i must temporarily leave this ecstasy behind.

i submit as Domina Shelle is my Queen. i serve at Domina Shelle’s every whim for Her pleasure. When Domina Shelle is pleased with me, She just might allow me to worship Her in this blissful mindless arousal a little bit longer next time.

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