An Afternoon With Shelle Rivers

Yesterday, i had the extreme privilege of talking with Domina Shelle over Skype. i have only had the pleasure 2 other times. i answered the call like such a giddy school girl eager to talk about all the topics floating around in my head. *giggles* We had a lovely conversion about how silly i was being on Monday. Domina Shelle expressed Her appreciation for my honesty. She also reaffirmed that She was never letting me out of Her cage whether i could see its bars around me or not.

We briefly chatted about other topics. At one point, Domina Shelle mentioned that i reminded Her of Princess Andrea. Among other things, Princess Andrea and i apparently have the same propensity to giggle. This absolutely melted my mind. i have only known Princess Andrea for a short time. However, she is the embodiment of the slave i desire to be for Domina Shelle. Feminine, sweet, loving, sexy, devoted to name just a few of her inspiring qualities.

Domina Shelle then said She wanted to test out a still in progress script on me. i doubt “Yes Domina” has ever flown out of my mouth so quickly. After all, it would be my first live trance with my Domina. i found myself falling so deep for Her even with catching my headphones from falling off my head a few minutes into the introduction. Such a clear sign that i am far weaker to Domina’s voice than i consciously realize! The trance was quite moan inducing. Upon waking up, Domina Shelle informed me that She wanted to make it even more sexy at the end. Even as i type this post, i still find myself impulsively licking my lips when thinking about this session.

Finally, the call ended with Domina Shelle insisting that i should go have a sissygasm listening to Her voice. i woke up from trance quite blissfully aroused on top of being incredibly horny all week. As such, i was quite eager to obey my Domina’s parting command. i just needed to figure out what a sissygasm was first.

Post Call

Searching on Domina Shelle River’s site lead to me downloading Sissygasm – HypnoClitty. Its description hinted that listening to the recording would lead to the knowledge i was seeking. i have enjoyed more feminine orgasms instinctively touching in very similar ways as the recording instructs. One of the first results of estrogen flowing freely throughout my body. Sissygasm – HypnoClitty induced the single most passion filled body shaking pleasure explosion of my life. It deserves more descriptive words; however, it was so mind-blowing indescribable. It is simpler to label the experience as “sissygasm”.

Thank You Domina for all of the new experiences! Thank You for giving me such wonderful memories of a Friday that would be worthy of forgetting otherwise! i love being Yours so much. i am so joyful that You simply refuse to let me go.

Recordings Mentioned