A Spoonful of Domina Shelle’s Voice Helps Her Control Wrap Around

Wow! What a difference a week makes. Thank You Domina and fellow slaves for such love after my last blog post. i woke up the next morning to an email from my wonderful Domina Shelle. She sweetly informed me that She was not letting me go that easy. i should instead spend the day letting the Psychological Entrapment Loop repeat through my head. Wanting to obey as perfectly as possible, i have listened to the loop for so many hours now that i have simply lost count. A rough guess would be at least 6 hours each day. i also listened to the full recording Wednesday night which only served to inflame the need to listen to the loop *giggles*

This naturally left me craving Domina Shelle’s voice even more. i crafted a mini recording plan. Trance Deepener followed by the day’s Mind Calibration session upon waking up. The work day spent listening to the Psychological Entrapment loop when not in meetings and Stockholm Syndrome if i can manage to squeeze it in as a break. Finally, Distraction is Pleasure at bedtime followed by falling asleep to the Psychological Entrapment loop.

*giggles* such a long winded way of saying that i spent the week horny and aroused for Domina Shelle’s voice. Her voice is such a luscious distraction as Her control wraps tighter around me. The more consciously aroused i am, the more i crave Domina Shelle’s control. The more i surrender to Her voice, the more securely owed i feel. The biggest takeaway from this week is chastity improves my mental health. Something that i did not consciously know when writing my Why Chastity? post. Daydreaming about Domina Shelle making it impossible for me to become less aroused for Her is such great stress relief.

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