Sexually Dependent on Domina Shelle’s Voice

i originally asked Domina Shelle if She would hold me in touch-less chastity only for the month of March. As one could conclude from reading my previous blog post, i found myself deeply enjoying being Domina Shelle’s touch-less slave. As such, i asked Domina Shelle if She would permanently deny me the ability to physically touch myself without Her direct permission. To my glee, She said yes!

Even before March, Domina Shelle’s angelic voice had the power to arouse me. Although, the strength of the sexual pleasure was semi dependent on the contents of the recording. Now that i am not touching every day, Domina Shelle’s voice has become even more erotic. i am quickly becoming quite addicted to the sexual pleasure that Her voice grants. A common fantasy of late is being triggered to the edge of bliss upon hearing my Queen’s voice.

“My words are like sex to your mind” is a fact Domina Shelle states in various recordings. i honestly can’t remember what sex actually feels like. Far too many years have past since the last time. Therefore, the phrase was quite fuzzy in personal meaning. That has started to change now that my body sexually aches for Domina Shelle’s honey dipped words to coat my mind in blissful arousal constantly.

Looking for ways to sate this deepening craving, i re-discovered Domina Shelle’s Hands Free Series. Currently, i only own the first two sessions. Mostly because as a chastity slave, it seems like i should obtain Domina Shelle’s permission before buying each next step. i also don’t think i am actually ready for Session 3 yet. i made a custom loop out of the “meat” of Session 2 today, so that might quickly change. i am quite compulsively trancing to Session 2 followed by Session 1 when possible. Combined with listening to the custom loop i made all day, my sex is so deliciously aching with sexual bliss.

Thank You Domina Shelle for allowing me to dedicate my sexual desires to You for Your pleasures and whims!

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