Rabbit Season! Duck Season! Egg Season! Edge Season!

Instead of Easter eggs, Domina Shelle had me hunting for edges this weekend. 51 of them to be exact. On Friday, Domina Shelle gave me the command to listen to the loop from Living on the Edge and edge for Her 3 times. i was then to repeat this 8 times on the hour both Saturday and Sunday. Essentially in one weekend, i was to touch myself 48 more times than i did in all of March.

In the beginning, it was quite pleasurable. Sinking into Domina Shelle’s voice while staring at a slide show of Her pictures. Enjoying the blissful edge every hour. However, as the weekend drifted on it started to become a tad more tedious each time. Not because it became harder and harder to hold back, but because my body became more and more fatigued from overdosing on pleasure. That said, i am a bit of a sucker for pleasure torture even if it’s not in the form i would expect.

Thank You Domina Shelle for a wonderful weekend; especially since i can always use a holiday pick me up ❤ It was quite rewarding to get a small taste of what it would be like to be at Your beck and call. i live to serve at Your pleasure, not mine.

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