my First Time

Somehow we are already nearing the end of April. Time sure seems to fly by when the allure of The Sleeping Forest distracts you from posting. Last week, i was blessed with a short phone call with Domina Shelle. She surprised me by ending the call with a challenge to edge myself before Her three minute timer rang. Eager to please Domina Shelle, i immediately started rubbing myself. i was a bit worried that i would not reach the edge in time as each edge during Easter edge weekend took longer than three minutes. Domina Shelle’s sweet encouragements ensured that i was not only successful; but also, had time left over to ride the blissful edge. my mind then melted in orgasmic pleasure when my wonderful Queen commanded that i cum for Her. i vaguely remember saying O(o)ur loves and goodbyes; but did not truly wake up some time after.

Re-focusing on those blissful three minutes again now has my heart aflutter anew. Thank You Domina Shelle for the gracious privilege and extreme pleasure of obeying Your command to masturbate and orgasm “in front of You”! i feel so cherished and loved every time i find myself reflecting on this special first time experience. i have always been a women who enjoys the pleasure of the blissful edge much more than the crash of orgasm. However, this is starting to change the more Domina Shelle directly controls this slave girl’s sex (and mind).

As a way to say thank you, i asked Domina Shelle if i could through myself into Her Chastity Training series before going back to touch-less. She readily said yes; but that is a story for later… *giggles*

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