Blissfully High on Domina Shelle

i’m in deep awe, joy, bliss, [insert fav adjective here]. i just woke up from a series of Domina Shelle’s recordings: The Sleeping Forest 3 -> Chastity Training 1 -> Trance-Fusion. my mind is literally buzzing / high on the pleasure of loving and serving my wonderful Queen. Domina Shelle has referred to Her voice as a drug in various different recordings. It always seemed like She meant figuratively. However, after months of wishing to actually experience Her high, it has finally happened.

Oh my Domina! i don’t know what You laced Trance-Fusion with. However, i am so thrilled that You did it. Thank You so much Domina Shelle for Your love and Your voice! May my love and submission always please You! [insert more praise and worship here].

This grinning cheshire cat is desiring her bed again. Therefore, the public Domina worship must take a pause here *giggles*

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