Please Domina Shelle Take my Mind

i simply cannot get enough of Domina Shelle’s Altered State of Mind recording. @slave_to_Shelle recommended it to me 24h ago. my play count is already up to 5 not counting letting it loop through the night. i try to be a patient slave girl. After all, i could still be considered a newbie with less than one year of Domina Shelle worship under my belt. However, experiencing small signs of falling deeper into Domina Shelle’s control excites me greatly. Trance-Fusion provided that nugget of excitement. Altered State of Mind has only added to it.

i dream of a day where the intro and wakeup are the only parts of a recording i consciously hear. To that end, the trigger that Domina implants during this recording gives me great hope. It is the first trigger that actually feels “triggery” when hearing it outside of the recording. It is hard to not regret finding this recording sooner. Although, i try to think that i found it when Domina Shelle wanted me to find it.

Also, just for the giggle thought, that one session when any of us can say, it’s all about you…


Anyhow readers…. time for me to go listen again. Listening to The Allure loop while writing this has made me far too sleepy to continue *giggles* Add this recording to your collection to experience falling even deeper into Domina Shelle’s control.

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