To Ask or Not To Ask

Today marks a week since my first surrender into The Submissive Kiss. This means that I now need to decide whether I am going to ask Domina Shelle for permission to orgasm.

I cannot remember the last time I consciously desired release. Pleasing and serving Domina is just so much more orgasmic. I have also been focused on being Domina’s caged slave in December. Cumming seems to be anti-thesis to that.

The main reason I vowed to spend all of December focused on training with Brain Fried was to surrender all control of my sexuality to Domina Shelle. To be truly obedient, I would also need to release when my Domina commands it and not just deny myself when She does not. If I do not grant Domina the chance to say yes or no, I am not surrendering completely.

I ache to surrender my all to Domina Shelle. I deeply crave to become ever increasingly obedient to Her with each brand new day. As such, I must ask Her; to not would be disobedience!

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