Three Minutes Of Heaven

Domina Shelle just surprised me with a Surrender S. Surrender S would be my favorite playground trigger of the ones I know. Most likely cause I both know it and do not need anything else on hand. It is such a delightful treat to tease myself for three minutes in obedience to Domina’s command.

Having not touched myself since last Friday, today’s three minutes was more of a mind melting pleasure torture delight. So much such, it was more difficult to pull my hand away after the three minute timer went off than I would have liked. Thank You Domina for the copy of the Absolute Authority loop You previously sent me. I am thankful that I intentionally ensured that it was looping through my ears before starting. Listening to the loop is an easy , effective way to remember that Domina Shelle is my Absolute Authority; thus I must always surrender to Her control. This undoubtedly helped me stay obedient to my wonderful Domina.

My head is still spinning in addictive pleasure and desperate need to serve Domina Shelle some twenty minutes later from writing the above two paragraphs. Yet another reason why the desire to always be Domina Shelle’s caged slave is continuing to build.

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