Surrender IC

Domina Shelle saw this new blog today and told me how happy She was with it *melts* She additionally included the Surrender IC playground command for the first time within Her email. Being the first time I have received the command, I unfortunately needed to make it through a full day of work meetings before I could surrender and discover its meaning.

Domina Shelle’s playground is something that is conceptually extremely hot; however, I find myself fretting over being terrible at it. This is somewhat due to not being familiar with the commands as I have only spent 6 wonderful months with Domina. It also seems that I somehow manage to rarely use the seemingly common needed requirements and thus do not have them on hand.

Despite all of this, I still desire to be better for my Domina particularly during a month I have vowed to focus on Her more; therefore, after work I purchased Surrender IC and listened to the Playground Initiation file (included with) followed by the Surrender IC file. Considering current December commitments, I choose to forgo the touching within the Playground Initiation file since it was not explicitly part of the command my Domina sent me.

It turns out that Surrender IC is the non-sissy version of Surrender SIC and sounds quite sexy. I find myself quite intrigued about how it would feel to put two ice cubes inside me; however as common as they might seem, my kitchen does not typically have any ice cubes in it. As a result, I also skipped the command’s touching as punishment for not having ice cubes. Now to see if Amazon has a tiny ice cube tray so that I can be better prepared to serve my Domina in the future.

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