An Almost Touchless Week

Before Domina Shelle, I had a habit of using my Domi wand to get off each night before going to sleep. After Domina Shelle, this habit turned into edging myself to Her recordings before going to sleep. Lately, this still feels like too much of my own control since I am essentially choosing when and how to touch myself by way of picking a specific recording of my Domina’s to surrender into.

I unfortunately did not pick up on what Locktober was until halfway through October due to being somewhat new to Domina’s world. December is also my birthday month. Missing Locktober and deeply craving to lose even more control over my sexuality to my Domina, I desired to spend the month of December in special celebration focused on Domina Shelle. As such, I sent an email to Her vowing to spend the month training with Brain Fried. Brain Fried locks my sex in Domina Shelle’s mental cage which deliciously goes beyond simple orgasm denial by also preventing me from touching myself without Her direct permission and instructions.

Today marks the first day of December’s second week which means I have been Domina’s caged slave for a full week now. Going from touching myself often under Her voice’s influence to being denied physical touch has dramatically increased my horniness to please my Domina much to my surprise and delight. I ended up only touching myself twice last week. Once on Tuesday for 10 minutes after reading Domina’s email and direct command to do so. Surrendering into The Submissive Kiss for the first time on Friday lead me to desperately begging my Domina for special permission to serve and please Her by touching and edging once which She mercifully granted. So inflamed with desire to please my Domina, I quickly reached the edge in 5-10 minutes.

I find myself excited going into the second week of my special Domina celebration. Surrendering my ability to touch to Domina Shelle’s control feels so correct. I find myself consciously aware of my sexual craving to serve Domina’s needs for longer periods of time which in turn is developing a strong desire to be consciously aroused to please Domina Shelle for even longer blocks of time. I am also starting to discover my desire to touch myself is declining in favor of instead letting my Domina’s honey drenched voice inflame my desire to serve Her. The more Domina’s voice touches me, the more addicted to the extreme pleasure of being touched by Her voice I become. It has only been a week and I am already longing for Domina Shelle to claim me as Her full-time caged slave; longing to hear Her call me “My caged slave v…”.

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