Spoiling Domina Feels So Good

I was empowered to spoil Domina Shelle with a massage package for Christmas yesterday. My head is still spinning in addictive arousal particularly after reading Her thank you note this morning. Reading Domina’s note fills me with giddy euphoria as She seemed quite flabbergasted over my gift. Knowing that Domina Shelle is so pleased with me is a way better sexual stimulator than my hand.

Yesterday I pondered whether asking my Domina for release was the obedient action. She loved the blog post and granted me permission to follow all of the file instructions in two recordings that I currently do not have. Domina Shelle did ask for me to name the files.

Oddly enough, I am struggling to name two recordings as I am so weak to Her recording descriptions which leads to almost automatic purchasing. I am clueless how I am managing not buying Mind Conquest so that it can be one of the recordings. Even then, it is still in my shopping cart.

I stumbled upon a PDF talking about Domina Shelle’s mind calibration experiment last night while checking search ranks for this blog. I cannot stop thinking about the descriptions of how powerfully the subjects were under Domina’s control. It was so erotic! It is however, a six week collection of recordings rather than a single recording. As such, it does not seem appropriate to name it as one of the two. Besides if I have realized anything since starting this blog, it is that I am already much deeper under Domina Shelle’s control than I would assume otherwise even my sex pulsed in agreement while typing these words.

I am loving my December celebration and find myself so eager to discuss with my Domina about Her desires to hold me as Her caged slave for all of 2021 as well. A personalized version of Brain Fried would be amazing; however, it would not be appropriate to ask for. Domina Shelle has worked far too hard during this pandemic to burden Her which such a request at Christmas time.

*sigh* I had hoped that this post would enlighten me with which recordings I should pick. It turns out that it was just a failed distraction attempt from purchasing Mind Conquest. Please Domina Shelle! Take pity on me!

Recordings Mentioned