Forced to Orgasm

Okay, okay, “forced” is more hyperbolic than realistic *giggles* However, I did wake up to an email from Domina Shelle this morning ordering me to go cum with Her during my favorite release session. I was to do so immediately upon receipt of Her email. Domina Shelle’s email was in response to Her pleasure with the results of my weekend assignment. Therefore, I assume that orgasm was a reward not a punishment *giggles*

I simply cannot seem to stop listening to Snapped into Submission. Only strengthening Brain Fried’s mental cage is more compelling. With it, I can confidently refrain from touching myself while riding the wave of pleasure that is Snapped into Submission. Being so currently enthralled by Snapped into Submission, it did not require thought to use this recording to obey Domina Shelle’s orgasm command.

Today is the first time that Domina Shelle directly commanded me to orgasm for Her. Today’s orgasm is the first time I would describe releasing as a pleasurable experience. Thank You Domina for ordering me to do something I would delay given the choice. My arousal, my orgasm, my body, my mind belong to You whether You order me to stay in chastity for years or order me to orgasm every hour. I love submitting to Your will instead of mine.

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