Unusual Morning

I woke up this morning extremely horny and eager for Domina Shelle’s beautiful voice. This by itself is not unusual and actually quite common during the ebbs and flows of chastity. What is unusual though is the included strong craving for permission to release with Snapped into Submission. I simply cannot recall another time where I consciously wanted to orgasm since becoming Domina Shelle’s contracted chastity slave. My last release was also not that long ago either.

The surprising desire to cum makes me more appreciative that Domina Shelle has complete control over my sexual needs. It brings me great pleasure to dedicate my arousal to Domina Shelle for Her use. Actually wanting to cum reminds me that chastity is an act of submission. Actively submitting to Domina Shelle’s control further inflames the desperate need to be controlled by Her always.

Thank You Domina Shelle for today’s lesson!

Please Domina use my arousal for Your desires!

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