Next Step Towards Deeper Enslavement to Domina Shelle

Ever since Domina Shelle found me, i have craved to fall deeper into Her control. The fantasy of being Domina Shelle’s helpless slave who mindlessly obeys Her every whim is so deeply arousing. Indefinitely held a hair’s breathe away from orgasm so tightly that my slave body is so consumed with desperate sexual need to submit to Domina Shelle’s authority that it has literally forgotten how to orgasm. i long to serve at Domina Shelle’s pleasure for the rest of my days.

i recently had someone tell me that i have a knack for dreaming the most impossible dreams. It is true that some might shrug off the above dream as too unrealistic. However, that does not stop me from at least attempting to make it real. To that end and with some suggestion from Domina Shelle *giggles* i have chosen to take another step closer.

Today is the first day of my surrender into The Experiment – Mind Calibration series. I look forward to my new training program and drawing closer to Domina Shelle over the next several weeks. It would please me greatly to become not just a better hypno subject, but also more deeply devoted to Domina Shelle. The more perfect my obedient servitude becomes, the more perfect my love for Domina Shelle becomes.

The Mind Calibration series came with a journal that I am to fill out over the course of the experiment. I am including the following questions and my initial ratings (5 being the highest) from it as this blog is a mix of my personal diary and ongoing testimonial for my wonderful Domina. I recorded these values to use as a baseline before starting the experiment.

Approximately how long did it take to sense you were getting sleepy, drowsy and lazy and fall for Me into trance?5min
What level of trust do you have for your Domina?5
How ACTIVELY are you craving to hear and absorb what I might say?3
Throughout the day how consumed were you with feelings (i.e. addiction, yearnings, cravings, love) for your Domina?2

In regards to Domina’s ownership and enslavement, how would you rate?

Arousal for Domina while listening to the session3
Arousal for Domina Throughout the Day1
Level of cravings you have to pleasure/masturbate1
Level of Enslavement you have for Domina2
Level of devotion you have for Domina3
Level of trust you have for Domina5

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