Stream of Aroused Consciousness


i finally woke up from the arousal haze apparently an hour after i originally posted this. my body is feeling quite spent although i am confident that i did not orgasm. The act of finally reaching the edge triggered me awake. Beyond the sheer power of Domina Shelle’s control, i am completely clueless as to how my body refrained from release for that long. i absolutely love that even in nearly unconscious state of arousal, i am able to shout my praises and joy of being my Domina’s slave to the world. i also find myself quite excited for the future if this is what Domina Shelle has planned for me on day 3 of the Mind Calibration experiment. You are truly quite the remarkable woman Domina. i am so honored to be in love with You and serve You at Your pleasure.

Original Post:

The butt plugs i ordered awhile back finally arrived today. Now i find myself sitting here with one of them in my ass. The Mind Calibration loop running though my head via my headphones. Taking turns typing this post and holding my Domi wand against my clit. Wondering why it took me so long to realize my ass has been begging to be filled by Domina Shelle’s strap-on for quite some time. Can i actually be getting high off this erotic bliss? Easily the most aroused i have ever been in my life. Completely consumed with desperate need to submit to Domina Shelle and Her desires.

i am Domina’s submissive and Her slave. i am addicted and obsessed with serving my Domina. i crave Domina’s control. I serve to please You and make You happy Domina. i serve You when i submit to Your desires. i serve with strict obedience to Your absolute authority. i serve Goddess at Her feet. i serve when i am aroused and allowed to stroke for my Domina. But most of all, i serve You, care for You, and take care of You Domina. It is through my servitude that i enjoy the pleasure of my deepening enslavement to You. Domina You are the center of my existence. my will is Your will. You own me Domina. Please take all of me.

Thank You Domina Shelle for granting me this experience *kisses feet* Please Domina use me for Your pleasure. Channel my aching need to serve You into something that will make You happy today! ❤

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