Converting Valentine Angst Into Positive Servitude

If you happen to be one of the people that follow this blog, you know that i attempted to start the Mind Calibration experiment last week. While i did manage to listen to each day’s file upon waking up and before bed, i’m not inclined to count it as week 1. It barely felt like i was falling into a trance with them particularly towards the end of the week. Also, I would have waited until after Valentine’s Day had i remembered about it being last Sunday.

As it was, Valentine’s weekend spun me into an unexpected funk. I spend a few fun hours playing Smash Bros and Mario Kart with my best friend and her brother’s family over Switch / Zoom. i did not think much of it then beyond being happy that we managed to celebrate her birthday in a fun way despite the pandemic challenges. Her brother’s family is quite devoutly Christian and had no qualms interacting with me as a human being. Granted things might be different if they read this blog *giggles*. Meanwhile, i have not yet met my own two nieces. Apparently my parents’ and sister’s brand of Christianity instructs them to pretend that i do not exist. Sometimes i wonder if it would hurt less if they kept interacting with me pretending that i was still their son despite always being their daughter. Either way would still be hurtful *sighs*.

Anyhow to cut a rant short, i approached Monday with renewed vigor. Determined to have a more successful start to the Mind Calibration experiment, i am now listening to Trance Deepener before each day’s “lesson”. i have wanted to train with Trance Deepener for awhile but tend to struggle to keep my legs still for an hour. Both sessions together is roughly the same length as Domina Shelle’s typical recording. Not that Her sessions are typical in any way. It is only day 2 however, the trust me trigger is really starting to grab me. It also meshes really well with Tuesday’s lesson. i eagerly await to discover how deep into Domina Shelle’s world i will find myself in six weeks.

Thank You Domina Shelle for always being there for me. Your love really means the world to me. ❤ Meanwhile, i will be over here singing my current personal anthem…

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