Yes Domina, Hold me Captive In Your Dreams Forever

Still waking up from my first surrender into Captive Dreams as i start to write this. i already have this need to claim it as my new most favorite recording of Domina Shelle’s. we will see after i finish obsessing over it the entire week *giggles*.

As a person who is still waiting to experience her first hypnotic amnesia, i really enjoyed how seemingly simplistic and straight forward Captive Dreams appears to be. This brilliantly tricked my mind into being consciously consumed by the “sleep for me”, “cum for me”, “wake up for me” commands. Meanwhile, my mind is blissfully unaware of the remodeling Domina Shelle is performing behind the scenes. An experience that unfortunately does not happen often enough.

Domina Shelle’s release files are typically a bit of a struggle with me even after setting aside the “Should i be attempting to ignore this command?” internal debate. At the very least, i desire to get the timing correct. However, i usually have difficultly doing so. Sometimes i start out too intense which requires me to slow down as Domina Shelle says to speed up in hopes of making it to Her command. Inversely, i end up rushing to finish after Domina’s command due to not being intense enough.

Captive Dreams wowed and surprised me. I began touching myself when Domina Shelle commanded. Followed by feeling quite lost in pleasure without reaching the edge. Yet, i wonderfully instantly released the moment She commanded. The first time i have ever done so.

Thank You Domina Shelle for such a beautiful experience! i absolutely love it when You use small differences to demonstrate just how much stronger Your control has become. This knowledge then deepens my craving for You to hold me captive in my (i.e. Your) dreams that much more 🥰

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