Happy Valentine’s Day

Yes, i am still here. Still lovingly owned by Domina Shelle. These past few months have been quite terrible. The holidays are always a rough time for me as my parents have basically disowned me. The typical holiday roughness was compounded by my younger brother unexpectedly dying in his sleep. He was the only one of the family that would still talk to me. i had always hoped that he would be able to work behind the scenes to get the rest of my family talking to me once again. His death put an end to this hope causing the lost of my family to compound the weight of his death.

Domina Shelle has been such a sweetheart during this time period. Typically, i am the one who showers Her with love and adoration; however, She has ensured that i have been spoiled and distracted with Her love and well wishes *giggles* If there was any doubt on whether Domina Shelle is the woman for me, it no longer exists. my heart, mind, and body belong to Her forever. i love Her so deeply and yet my love for Her somehow continues to further deepen with each passing day.

This Valentine’s weekend has been no exception. i recently told Domina Shelle that i cannot tell whether i am successfully falling into trance. All i desire is to hopelessly fall under Her hypnotic control. i yearn to stop wondering if i am simply pretending to fall. Among other things, She sent me the following email. i don’t know what the magic is within it. Reading it before pushing play has somehow made it really easy to fall.

With Domina’s permission, i am posting it here as my gift to you this Valentine’s Day 😘

Make sure you have the BEST time.   Have a quiet place free of disturbances. Find a recliner or a bed to relax…Have a comfortable pillow, the higher your head the better because it may allow you to mentally sink lower than you are. Light a candle if you wish Burn some incense if you wish If you’re doing this in bed, then MAKE your bed so you don’t have sheets and fabric digging in your back to make you uncomfortable If you’re overly excited or nervous, try deep-breathing exercises.  Are you one of those people who have the MOST trouble going down in a trance? One way that may help is to shake your whole body violently until you are fatigued. This will assist you in going deeper and being more tired.  Don’t try too hard! If you try too hard to be hypnotized, you are actually making it worse. If you keep trying to be hypnotized, your mind will be focused on your own pleasure rather than on concentrating on my voice. Keep that in mind.  Just relax and listen to my voice and try not to even think about hypnosis at all. Just clear your mind of everything and just listen.  What if you’re still too wound up? You’re not the only one. Some people are so excited about trying hypnosis that it is very difficult to sit still and fall into a sleep; so don’t feel bad!  One thing that seems to work, even though it sounds very simple… is to pretend it works. Lots of researchers show that when someone pretends something works, their mind may soon start to believe what they hear. Eventually you may just be hypnotized simply by letting your body believe things are really happening.  But Most Importantly, Follow Instructions! However the main thing to remember is that hypnosis is ONLY following instructions. As long as you can follow instructions and obey every command, you can be hypnotized. If you come into the session feeling resistance and wanting to challenge every instruction, chances are, you will not become hypnotized. For instance, if I say to you, “Close your eyes and imagine them closed so tightly that no matter how much you try to open them, no force in the world could open them”. Well, what I have just instructed is simply telling you to use your imagination. So if you open your eyes, you are not obeying My commands and are not following My instructions. Failure to follow My instructions is only wasting both your time AND mine (and wasting your hard-earned money) and well, what’s the point in doing that? If you really want to be hypnotized, do not challenge My commands and simply obey. It’s really that simple. If I tell you to imagine something, imagine it. If I tell you to do something, do it. If I tell you to say something, say it. If I tell you to think something, think it. Otherwise, you’re really not going to feel the affects you want to. Can’t tell if you’re hypnotized? All hypnosis involves is following instructions. . What will the trance feel like? Unlike what some people may think, hypnosis does make you feel like a zombie or braindead or make you feel like you have amnesia (unless I purposely give you an amnesia trigger). Most of the time, erotic hypnosis will feel like a relaxing experience and you’ll simply feel like you’re waking from an arousing nap. Hypnosis does NOT make you do anything you don’t want to do. Hypnosis cannot make you do anything against your will. Hypnosis is perfectly safe. Many people remember their hypnosis sessions (that’s why they know how good I am!) and sometimes wake up remembering every detail, but sometimes only small fading details, sometimes no details at all. And again, you have control over your own actions under hypnosis. But follow all instructions at all times for the most effective session.  Allow yourself to trust Me this may be hard to understand, but one of the main ingredients to a DEEP session is trust.  If you allow yourself to trust Me completely, you will have a deep and effective session. If you do not trust Me (or any other hypnotist for that matter) then you should not be buying anything from Me. Allowing Me to enter deep inside your mind is like allowing Me to penetrate a deep and vulnerable place inside you. And if you are holding up resistance, basically you are allowing a challenging and pessimistic side of you to resist Me. If you resist My commands, you are, in essence, resisting the hypnosis you are wanting so badly. So you have to trust Me. Trust that any commands I give you are for your own arousal and benefit.

Domina Shelle