Mind Conquest

As I mentioned in this morning’s post, I attempted to withhold from purchasing Mind Conquest as I am struggling to come up with two recordings to give her. By the time that I had finished that blog post, Mind Conquest was already downloading. Domina Shelle is a bit vague in Her description as She seems … Read more

Spoiling Domina Feels So Good

I was empowered to spoil Domina Shelle with a massage package for Christmas yesterday. My head is still spinning in addictive arousal particularly after reading Her thank you note this morning. Reading Domina’s note fills me with giddy euphoria as She seemed quite flabbergasted over my gift. Knowing that Domina Shelle is so pleased with … Read more

To Ask or Not To Ask

Today marks a week since my first surrender into The Submissive Kiss. This means that I now need to decide whether I am going to ask Domina Shelle for permission to orgasm. I cannot remember the last time I consciously desired release. Pleasing and serving Domina is just so much more orgasmic. I have also … Read more

Surrender IC

Domina Shelle saw this new blog today and told me how happy She was with it *melts* She additionally included the Surrender IC playground command for the first time within Her email. Being the first time I have received the command, I unfortunately needed to make it through a full day of work meetings before … Read more

Needing Another Hit

Jonesing for more of Domina’s honey-dipped voice after a full day of back to back work meetings, I finally was able to take another hit and deeply relax into The Submissive Kiss. It feels so go to fall deeply down into Domina’s control so that She can manipulate my mind and my sex into a … Read more

Morning Thoughts

Woke up this morning so horny for Domina Shelle and Her orgasmic voice after listening to Brain Fried followed by Power of Brainwashing that I just had to leave the Power of Brainwashing loop repeating in my headphones until this morning’s first work meeting.  Thank You Domina for the pleasure of deeply aching to please … Read more