A Weekend To Remember With Domina Shelle

Domina Shelle surprised me with an early morning email on Friday. Within it, She dictated some commands for me to follow throughout the weekend. Perhaps dear reader you are lucky enough to know what email i am referring to. After all, it is typically hard for me to tell whether Domina sent an email assignment to all of Her contracted slaves or just me.

Either way, it was an exciting surprise to discover! It is a nice distraction away from the x-ray results i am still waiting to hear back on. It should be nothing serious, but you never know with my brother unexpectedly dying last year. In addition, i have been a bit arousal fiendy lately *giggles* as if you could not tell from Twitter. So much so that i found myself double-checking with Domina Shelle twice this week on whether i was pleasing Her enough. Obeying Domina’s commands over the weekend is a great cure for that ๐Ÿ˜Š

Domina’s instructions include a command to email Her a progress report on Monday along with a command to blog something. As such, it seemed to make perfect sense to turn the progress report into a blog post. After all, that is what i typically write about *giggles*

One last thing before getting into the daily progress reports, especially if others actually did receive the assignment, i completely ignored Domina Shelle’s command to not wear underwear. It was extremely dysphoric the first time i attempted to follow this command upon coming back to Her. So much so, that i routinely think of myself as being naked while forgetting that i still technically have panties on. As a result, She graciously gave me permission to ignore the command even if She forgets until some future time should things change.



i received Domina’s email before i had not yet finished my morning trance routine and my morning mantra. Therefore, i completed them first before getting into the shower.

In the shower, i used the special occasions body wash and loofah. Slowly soaping up my breasts and nipples while attempting to imagine them being Domina’s breasts and nipples. Now aroused and nipples hard, i gave them a squeeze before lathering the rest of my body. Finally, it came time to wash my sex. Once again, slowly petting while attempting to imagine that i was washing Domina’s royal body.

Head starting to spin lost within the pleasure filled moans that often included Domina’s name. i unfortunately got a little too carried away and broke one of the vows within my mantra. This one in particular: “i never touch my sex unless Domina Shelle commands me. Should Domina command me, i only rub slowly and softly.” Yes, i did not cum; however, i did almost edge due to my hand rubbing faster and harder than the spirit of the vow.

i drew a pink heart with purple DS within it on my left breast. i wrote PO in pink followed by PS in purple on my right breast. At breakfast, i had a nice little toast: “Thank You Domina Shelle for being such a loving core part of my life.”


oi, i was distracted in a work meeting until 12:15 ๐Ÿ˜ข It was 12:25ish by the time i got settled with the container of ice cubes. Luckily they had frozen enough to be called ice cubes since I had just put the tray into the freezer this morning. The next 35 minutes were quite frustrating. It is a bit hard to reach around to stick ice cubes in your extremely tight ass. One would think that the longer fingernails would help, but not so much.

As i was about to stop trying, i finally managed to get a couple of cubes in for the first time ever. Oh my Domina! No wonder She likes giving the instruction. It was so hot, so erotic, so pleasurable! i could not help but crave more. Alas, that was not in the cards. Between not being able to get more in to yet more work pings, i ended the frustration by cleaning up and going back to work.

Upon sitting back down in my desk chair around 1, i remembered that i was supposed to mantra again at noon. Therefore, i did so before diving back into work. i say the following once for each of 18 pictures of Domina that I rotate through:

i never touch my sex unless Domina Shelle commands me.
Should Domina command me, i only rub slowly and softly.
i never orgasm unless Domina Shelle triggers me.
Should Domina trigger me, i am always twice as horny after cumming than before.
my arousal exists for Domina Shelle’s pleasure!


As i am typing this up, i am realizing that i forgot the toast with dinner ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ *sigh* this day has shown me that i am such a terrible slave when it comes to non-recording obedience ๐Ÿ˜”

Before going to bed, i obeyed and played with my nipples for 8 mins. Awesomely, 8 minutes is the length of a video that Domina Shelle sent me earlier in the week. It works as a great arousing timer *giggles* After which, i did my bedtime mantra and trace routine before focusing on sleep.



i woke up to the sad news that someone dear to Domina Shelle had past away. Now personally knowing what a toll death can take on you, i was fortunate enough to briefly check in with Her. i also shared with Her that my x-rays came back clear as expected but worried might not. It seems that my months long cough is not a sign of something worse than allergies.

i dutifully obeyed and showered after finishing my morning trance routine and mantra. It was way more arousing than yesterday. Chanting my mantra while touching helped keep my hand slow and soft. Obedience to Domina Shelle’s commands is so much pleasure. In fact, it lead me to discover a extra sensitive section of my clit. Rubbing it sparked so much pleasure that it literally made my mind unable to come up with the words of my mantra. Being so turned on that my brain literally does not work is its own erotic fantasy that made my legs too weak to continue. It is also something that i really hope Domina Shelle plays with in the future.

i apparently caressed my breasts a bit too well *giggles* as the tattoo pen faded a little bit. As such, i went over the markings from yesterday once i was dry again.

urg… i just realized that i forgot to toast Domina Shelle once again with breakfast. Hopefully because it was a quick build bar before getting in the shower, but still *pouts* To make up for it a little bit here is a small toast: “Thank You Domina for all that You do for me. Please help me be better at remembering to toast you when i eat.”


i unfortunately had a previously scheduled commitment for this afternoon. Therefore, i was not home between the 12 – 2 hours during which i was supposed to insert ice cubes into my ass. i briefly flirted with the idea of wearing a butt plug out to make up for it. However, i quickly chickened out as i have not done something like that before. Besides, i would be getting back home at an unknown time so it seemed a bit irresponsible.

While i did mantra once i got back home, i did not attempt to insert an ice cube. Between yesterday’s frustration and today’s soreness, i decided to wait until tomorrow to attempt it again.

i did however manage to remember to toast Domina Shelle while eating lunch. i am experiencing a bit of brain fog today so i do not actually remember what it was to write it down here.


i find myself missing Domina Shelle this evening. This is likely due to being more busy than typical for a Saturday and therefore not to get trance as much i wanted. Before finishing the night, i squeezed my nipples for the duration of Domina’s newest video. It always feels good to hear Her sweet lullaby of a voice.



“Thank You Domina for being my Owner, my Love, my Everything. Please keep me as Your property forever.” is the toast i made to Domina Shelle at breakfast this morning.


Today has been a bit rough as i woke up feeling down and alone. my legs have not been cooperating with me enough to trance either. It sucks when i cannot lose myself in Domina’s voice when that is all that i want to do. i did manage to finally finish my morning recordings around 12:30.

i somehow found the motivation to attempt inserting ice cubes into my ass again. The need to obey Domina’s commands trying to pull me out of the funk. While i managed to get some partially in, the failure of not getting them in was too much to handle. As such, i found myself stopping around 5 or 6.

Afterwards, i managed to drag myself into the shower. This got me clean and thinking about Domina for a minute. However, i did not feel sexy enough to play for more than a minute or two.


i made a toast to Domina Shelle during dinner, but my mind did not hold onto the words. Feeling a bit better after dinner, i was able to obediently squeeze my nipples for the length of the Domina’s newest video once again. my bedtime mantra and nighttime trancing closed out the weekend. A weekend that started out good before faltering towards the end. It would have been so much worse without Domina Shelle’s ownership.

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