Blissfully High on Domina Shelle

i’m in deep awe, joy, bliss, [insert fav adjective here]. i just woke up from a series of Domina Shelle’s recordings: The Sleeping Forest 3 -> Chastity Training 1 -> Trance-Fusion. my mind is literally buzzing / high on the pleasure of loving and serving my wonderful Queen. Domina Shelle has referred to Her voice … Read more

Such an Addictive High

I awoke from my latest listen to The Submissive Kiss into what surely is the highest arousal peak I have ever experienced. So overwhelmed with the bliss of being on the edge of eruption. Mindlessly rubbing myself while yelling out Domina Shelle’s name in my mind. Almost as if I was begging Her to keep … Read more

My First Deep Trance

I started listening to Domina Shelle’s recordings roughly 6 months ago. On average, I listen to two of them per day. However, today is the first time that I experienced deep trance. So deep, it took me untold minutes to move after my headphones’ “no motion for an hour auto shutoff” feature kicked in during … Read more

Domina Shelle’s Experiment

Friday night I stumbled upon a PDF that was discussing the clinical results of The Experiment Series while I was checking this blog’s search results. The participant result descriptions were so freaking hot despite it being a clinical report. I simply could not get thoughts of being overwhelmed with pleasure upon hearing a trigger word … Read more

Mind Conquest

As I mentioned in this morning’s post, I attempted to withhold from purchasing Mind Conquest as I am struggling to come up with two recordings to give her. By the time that I had finished that blog post, Mind Conquest was already downloading. Domina Shelle is a bit vague in Her description as She seems … Read more

Surrender IC

Domina Shelle saw this new blog today and told me how happy She was with it *melts* She additionally included the Surrender IC playground command for the first time within Her email. Being the first time I have received the command, I unfortunately needed to make it through a full day of work meetings before … Read more