Denied Is Purrfect ๐Ÿ˜ป

*purr* Where should i start with Denied, Domina Shelle’s latest recording?

If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that i find chastity quite compelling. The desire to surrender my ability to orgasm to a sweet, caring dominant woman is one of if not the main thing that drew me to Domina Shelle a year ago. In fact, it was exactly one year ago from yesterday that i received my first email response from Her. Yesterday also happens to be when She released Denied.

Denied is a very beautiful and soft recording where Domina Shelle enumerates on all of the reasons She loves to hold Her slaves in chastity and why i should love being in chastity for Her. Except, i cannot help but notice that these are already all the reasons i love being in chastity for Her. Many of which i have previously expressed to Her through email or this blog. This of course makes my heart flutter even deeper with love. Domina Shelle then ends Denied with a special release value to help with the guilt and sadness that may occur along the path of becoming a more perfect chastity slave. This is something that i have often begged Her for.

Denied is also the first completely gender neutral chastity recording of Domina’s that i have listened to. As i have learned over the past year, this is something that causes me to fall deeper for Domina Shelle.

If i was forced to listen to only one recording of Domina Shelle’s, it would be Denied. Without mentioning me by name, it comes across as a deeply personal love letter from my Domina. i also apparently cannot stop the stream of joyful tears whether writing this or listening to Denied again.

Thank You Domina for wrapping me in Your loving embrace! Only You know how much is coincidence and how much is intentional. However, i do not care as the knowledge would not change my undying love for You. Nor would it impact my desire to wallow in the happiness that feeling so treasured by You brings. Please Domina, keep me as Your chastity slave forever!

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