The Unsurprising Truth About Hypnosis

i woke up this morning to discover a sweet letter in my inbox from my wonderful Domina Shelle. It always makes my heart purr when She goes out of Her way to ensure that i know how special i am to Her. Domina Shelle included a command to be Her good girl and go listen to The Truth About Hypnosis. It arouses me so much when Domina Shelle explicitly tells me to listen to one of Her recordings. There is so much bliss in being programmed in the way She explicitly desires.

The Truth About Hypnosis is a soft mellow reassurance that Domina Shelle has your best interests at heart as She continues to shape you as She desires. Truthfully, i was already aware that the typical misconceptions where indeed misconceptions. That knowledge coupled with Domina Shelle’s genuine loving and caring heart is the whole reason i choose to fall deep into Her world instead of someone else’s. Submission is much more rewarding within a loving relationship. If you are new to hypnosis or new to Domina Shelle, i strongly recommend adding this recording to your library.

Thank You Domina Shelle for being the person You are. It is so wonderful to love, honor, and obey You.

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