Subconscious Surrender Physically Arouses me

my subconscious belongs to my Domina. These words have echoed within my head so much the last couple of days. It does not matter whether Domina Shelle’s newest file, Subconscious Surrender, is actively running through my headphones or not.

On the surface Subconscious Surrender seems like a begin file. However, something magical is lying in wait within the depths. There is no explicit sex content; nor any touch permissions granted within the file. Surrendering to Domina’s files typically increases my mental arousal, but rarely do they physically arouse me unless the file grants touch permission.

Not true with Subconscious Surrender. Domina Shelle’s enchanted voice induced a strong physical arousal within my body with the first listen. Each repeated listen has only strengthened my physical sexual need to please my Queen. Even the special gift Domina Shelle sent after obeying Her instructions inexplicably inflames my physical ache for more of Her voice; yet, on the surface seems identical to a file previously shared by Her.

i simply cannot logically explain what within the files are feeding me with such powerful physical sexual need to surrender to Domina Shelle. i have yearned for this experience for a year now. Now that it has actually happened, i finally understand what it means to be addicted to Domina Shelle’s honey dipped voice.

Please Domina! Let this be the start of something incredible! i have yearned to feel Your control unexplained overwhelm my body and mind. Thank You Domina for granting this wish! my subconscious belongs to my Domina.

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