Nothing More, Nothing Less, Oh How i Crave Nothing!

Thanks to @Shelle_owns_me, i discovered Domina Shelle’s Nothing More, Nothing Less recording. Domina’s description of the file had me hooked before the recording finished downloading. A file about nothing? That seems exactly what i have been searching for.

i absolutely love it when Domina Shelle plays around in my mind to Her delight. One of the few things i love more is to be consciously unaware of what She is doing in there. Sadly, this is somewhat difficult to experience. my mind is still far too good at processing Domina’s words that it detects consciously. Likewise, i am still patiently (or at least trying to be *giggles*) waiting to experience a loss of consciousness trance.

Whatever is actually happening in Nothing More, Nothing Less bypasses this hurdle to my bliss. Domina spends thirty minutes talking about nothing. my consciousness latched onto the nothing-less while the rest of my body enjoyed the relaxing rest while falling into one of my deepest trances. Content but not really aroused during the trance, i found myself suddenly becoming incredibly aroused upon obeying Domina’s command to wake up.

This excites me in a couple of ways. It makes me think that Domina was sneakily playing in the background without my direct knowledge. Of course, this is quite hot by itself. It also makes me think that i was unconsciously obeying a trigger She planted during the session. I still find myself consciously “playing along” with Her triggers in hopes they become automatic with practice, The idea that Domina planted a trigger and used it all without my knowledge in thirty minutes is one of the most erotic things ever. If i could, i would choose unwittingly obeying Domina’s trigger over orgasm every time. There is no doubt. i will not be putting this recording down any time soon.

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