Longing to be Domina Shelle’s Sexual Battery

Something happened when i posted my review of Domina Shelle’s newest erotic hypnosis recording, XXX are Mine, on Her site. Since i can’t seem to edit it there, i’ve decided to post it here.

If a wish granting being appeared and granted me one wish, i would instantly reply with:

“i wish for the ability to continuously loop ‘XXX are Mine’ 24/7 without being distracted by any concern (food, bathroom, job, health, release, safety, sleep, death, etc) that would prevent me from doing so; thus, empowering Domina Shelle Rivers to continuously feed off of the generated sexual energy keeping Her beautiful, healthy, ageless, and without an unfulfilled want.”

Now if you excuse me, i have an erotic hypnosis recording to go listen to again *giggles*

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