Please Domina! Fuck my Mind and Body!

*moans* i woke up such the horny slut this morning. It is simply impossible for me to stop thinking about riding Domina Shelle’s strap-on as Her voice continues to fuck my mind into deeper submission. Oh it would be such wonderful bliss!

Anybody know why i am overcome with such wanton lust today? Personally, i am quite clueless. To begin with, it is not something that occurs often. My arousal tends to be much more subdued unless i am in the middle of following Domina’s touch commands.

Could it be a response to Domina’s Sweet Manipulation? Maybe. i just started listening to the erotic hypnosis recording last night. After three listens, i can only recall finger snaps happening during it which would be its own first. i usually have a pretty good sense of a recording’s erotic hypnosis content after the third listen.

Could it be a side effect of listening to Chastity Training 2 every day for the last 11 days? i am typically in chastity for longer than 11 days. It is making it through the second or third week that has been the struggle 🤦‍♀️ Hence why i am currently committed to listen to the file every day of August. i am already finding myself automatically moaning “Yes, i will not cum” over and over once i get close to the edge until i step back from it again. Therefore, it seems to be working great.

*moans* the cause matters not. Only submitting to Domina Shelle’s will matters. If Domina Shelle Rivers wants Her slave to be a horny slut wishing she was in the presence of her Domina so that my Queen can fuck my mind and body; that is who i am going to be.

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