LocTober 2021 – Day 18 – W2D5

Arousal Meter – 2/10 Despite the delightful new arousal reactions triggered by Domina Shelle’s picture tweets today, “my” body and mind seemed to have forgotten that Domina has held me in chastity for 18 days. 😢 Best Thing That Happened In the past, i have not really reacted much to Domina Shelle’s pictures. i have … Read more

LocTober 2021 – Day 15 – W2D2

Arousal Meter – 3/10 Today is almost the polar opposite of yesterday. Slight arousal during trance and while wearing the nipple clamps pushes it up to the 3. Best Thing That Happened Obeying Domina Shelle’s command to wear nipple clamps for 10 minutes three times today while no panty petting allowed. It’s a bit amusing … Read more